Must See X’s & O’s – KU, WVU, Michigan State, & Purdue

Must See X’s & O’s – KU, WVU, Michigan State, & Purdue by Wes Kosel

Below is a video breakdown of two games from last night: Kansas vs. West Virgina and Michigan State vs. Purdue. Both games ended with the home team winning, but they were close contests with big shots made by each team. The play descriptions and PDF playbook are also included.

Kansas Jayhawks – BLOB Corner Screen


Kansas used this play to get Perry Ellis open in the post. Graham stepped in and set a good screen for Ellis.

Kansas Jayhawks – Pinch Post Drive


Once again, Coach Self looked to get Perry Ellis the ball in the mid/low post. In this play, Ellis gets into his defender and drives him up the lane to open up the passing lane.

Kansas Jayhawks – Post Flip Ball Screen


Coach Self made the Mountaineers chase his players all over the floor on this play. It ends with a nice two-man action and three players waiting for drive and kick opportunities on the right.

West Virginia Mountaineers – Post Flash Flex



West Virginia used this play against Kansas and got an open shot. The initial down-screen to get 4 open is a nice addition to a traditional flex look.

West Virginia Mountaineers – Pinch Post Duck-In


Coach Huggins wanted to get the ball inside, and WVU looked to do so as much as possible. This play is a simple post-post duck-in play.

West Virginia Mountaineers – Mountaineer Overload


West Virginia ran this a couple of different ways, but the action is nice forcing the defenders to guard back-screens and post-ups.

Michigan State Spartans – Spartan Re-Screen



Tom Izzo called this play and got Bryn Forbes an open shot. The fake down-screen action by Forbes really sold it.

Michigan State Spartans – Rub Down Screen


This play was ran twice at the end of the game for Forbes. The first time, he got an open shot in the corner. This is a very nice combination action with the high ball-screen up top.

Michigan State Spartans – BLOB Passer Pin


Izzo called this BLOB to get Valentine the ball in the corner. He made a nice drive to the rim for two points.

Michigan State Spartans – Piston Stagger


This double stagger play resulted in a wide open layup on the slip by 4. Purdue was worried about guarding the shooters and over-extended in the middle.

Michigan State Spartans – Elevator Drive Option


This after time-out play was called by Izzo to look for a 3-point shot for Forbes (2). However, Purdue guarded it well and Valentine was forced to make a play by himself driving to the rim.

Purdue Boilermakers – Double Single Post Up


Purdue ran this play a couple of times in overtime and both ended with good looks inside.

Click here to download the PDF! Must See X’s & O’s – Kansas, West Virginia, Michigan State, & Purdue



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