Iowa State Baseline Double by Randy Brown

Iowa State Baseline Double by Randy Brown

Iowa State scored on Baylor on their first possession of the game using this play, “Baseline Double.”

It is an easy three pass set that delivers the ball to a cutting scorer for a lay up off double screen.

  • Basketball Play - Baseline DoubleOpening possession of the game. 4 pops high to catch, 1 cuts to lane.
  • Basketball Play - Baseline DoubleBall reversed from 4 to 5
  • Basketball Play - Baseline Double3 cuts along baseline using double screen from 1 and 2. 5 passes to 3 at the rim for lay up.

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rbCoach Randy Brown

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Randy Brown continues his passion for the game of basketball well beyond his 30+ year coaching career.  An 18 year NCAA Division I head and assistant coach he knows the difficulties of coaching and assists coaches of all levels around the world to help improve our ability to teach the game of basketball the right way.

  • Founder of, Complete Video Coaching Resource
  • Host of College Coach Now Mentoring Program, where he has guided and mentored over 130 coaches to the job of their dreams
  • Basketball Consultant to coaches around the country
  • Mentored by Lute Olson, Tim Floyd, Kevin O’Neill, Larry Eustachy, Gary Garner
  • Published author with articles in Winning Hoops, Scholastic Coach and Athletic Director and the National Association of High School Athletic Directors, and dozens of blogs and web sites. Author of over 100 basketball articles.
  • Life coach training and graduate of CoachU.
  • Iowa native, resides in Ames, Iowa with his family.
  • Member NABC since 1985.
  • Member IBCA (Iowa).

Coaching Experience

  • Assistant Coaching Experience
  • Regina High School, Iowa 1979-1980
  • Pleasant Valley H.S., Iowa 1982-1985
  • University of Arizona 1985-1987 – Lute Olson
  • Drake University 1987-1988 – Gary Garner
  • University of North Dakota 1988-1989 – Rich Glas
  • Marquette University 1989-1991 – Kevin O’Neill
  • Miami of Ohio 1991-1993 – Joby Wright
  • Stetson University 1993-1995 – Dan Hipsher
  • Iowa State University 1998-2003 – Larry Eustachy
  • Head Coaching Experience
  • Stetson University 1995-1997


  • NCAA Elite Eight, 1999, Iowa State.
  • 5 time NCAA tournament participant—Iowa State, Miami of Ohio, Arizona.
  • 5 regular season Championships—Iowa State(2), Miami of Ohio(2), Arizona.

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