Don Haskins UTEP BLOB Plays

Don Haskins UTEP BLOB Plays

Here are two line formation UTEP Don Haskins Blob Plays. Coach Don Haskins coached at the University of Texas at El Paso (formerly Texas Western) from 1961 – 1999. Haskins, an Oklahoma native, played for legendary Coach Henry “Hank” Iba at Oklahoma A&M (now Oklahoma State University). Before arriving at Texas Western, Coach Don Haskins was a high school coach at several small-town schools. In 38 years at Texas Western/UTEP, Haskins led his teams to 17 seasons with 20 or more wins and 32 seasons with a winning record. At Texas Lutheran University (NCAA Division III), I worked for Head Coach Tommy Jones. Jones worked as a graduate assistant for Don Haskins in the 1970s. Jones was already a head high school coach in Florida before taking the graduate assistant position, but moved half-way across the country for a chance to coach the college game under Coach Haskins. Jones then went on to coach at Panola Junior College in Carthage, TX and from there worked as an assistant at Houston Baptist, Rice, and Houston. At Houston Baptist, Jones worked under Head Coach Gene Iba, nephew of Coach Hank Iba. Jones was head coach at Houston Baptist from 1985-1989. I am very grateful to have learned from Coach Jones and appreciate all of his insights on Coach Haskins and the Iba family.

In the first play “Spread”, 1 throws the ball in with 5, 2, 3, and 4 lined up along the lane line. 5 cuts to the corner drawing his defender away from the basket. 2 cuts to the opposite low block and 3 steps toward the wing then cuts to the ball-side low block. 1’s options are to pass to 1) 2 at the opposite block, 2) 3 at the ball-side block, and 3) 5 in the corner for a shot.

The second play, “Tight Line”, uses the same starting formation with 1 throwing the ball in. 5, 2, and 4 all screen 3’s defender, and 3 cuts to the corner looking for a shot. If 3 isn’t open, 2 cuts off of 5 to the opposite block and 4 cuts to the ball-side block. 1 is looking for 1) to pass to 3 in the corner, 2) pass to 2 at the opposite block, and 3) pass to 4 at the ball-side block.


Click here to download the PDF! Don Haskins UTEP BLOB Plays

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