Ideas on Practice Planning by Steve Smiley

Ideas on Practice Planning by Steve Smiley

This article was originally featured on Coach Smiley’s website:

Coaches – Here are a couple of our old sample practice plans for you to take a look at. We try to break up our practice into some obvious segments, but it doesn’t always work perfectly (have to always keep flexibility in mind). If you have any questions in regards to practice planning, feel free to reach out to me at @coach_smiley. 

TOUGHNESS – Defensive Mindset – Roles – Sureness – Shot Discipline-TRANSITION

Generals Basketball – Practice Plan

Date: __October 2, 2010_____                Day: __#2____             Time: __8:00 – 10:00 AM____  


–       Defensive & Motion Principles

–       Skill Development

Pre-Practice Announcements



            7:30 – Team Warm-up / Shooting Progression (then switch)           


             Skill Development:                

            7:43 – Partner Shooting (Add shot pressure at end)        Mines Partner?

            7:48 – Bigs w/ Mines………..   Guards w/ Coach Davis (Smiley roam)

                        ** Bigs = Air Dummy OBC, finish, 3-step (different angles)

è  Duke Drill (Air Dummy & 5 balls)

è  Live, 1v1 – post gets catch on left block (play through the rebound)

                        ** Guards = 2v0 cuts, 2v0 Down Screens (Alternate sides on both) – Boyd – 2 shots

è  2v2 Live w/ passer


             Team Fundamentals:            

            8:00 – Partner Passing (Review & Add Top-Down pass)                                          Mines Partner?

            8:07 – S, S, T (add bounce pass)

            8:16 – Jerry’s Drill (add 3rd guy)                                                                                

            8:20 – Partner Rebound (1/4 turn) à Off rim                                                           Mines Partner?

            8:24 – Air Dummy Rebound à Dummies to wing, w/ 3rd guy in middle                   – Need Air Dummy

            8:30 – 5-spot Closeouts (jump to ball, then shot pressure) – ball on perimeter

            8:39 – 4-4-4 (2X each)                                                                                     Mines Partner?

            8:44 – FT’s & Water (3 in a row, no water until made) –report to Boyd        


              Team Defense / Offense:                                                                                                    Groups

            8:50 – 2v2 Skips Live and 2v2 Denials (Top & Wing spot)                            3v3 –    MG, RN, LP

            9:04 – 3v3 Above                                                                                                        OM, RG, KS

            9:11 – 3v3 Feed the Post                                                                                             KM, MR, SB

9:20 – 4v4 (Empty Post & Add Post)  – blow back                                                     JK, RH, JC

            9:30 – 5v0 Cuts, 5v0 Screens – Blowback through the whistle

9:40 – 80-lay-up drill (Need Davis, Mines, Boyd, injured)                                        

            9:44 – Chinese Fire Drill (1 minute for every 1 under 80)

            ***Remainder = Partner FT’s, coaches at each hoop working on specific shots – get with somebody in your skill group

            **** Lift afterwards


              Situation Competition:                                                                                                          Groups


            GOLD =



Players: KM, JK, OM, RG, MG, MR, RN, RH, KS, JL, JC, LP, SB

Post Practice Announcements

–       Study Table Hours recap?

–       Practice tomorrow @ 10:30 AM (We will provide food after) – Coach Davis order!

–       Lift (now)

–       Handouts = Clinic to end all clinics


TOUGHNESS – Defensive Mindset – Roles – Sureness – Shot Discipline-TRANSITION

Generals Basketball – Practice Plan

Date: __October 9, 2010_____                Day: __#8____             Time: __7:00 – 8:45 AM____  


–       Defensive & Motion Principles

Pre-Practice Announcements



            7:04 – 2 balls, 2 passers


             Skill Development:    

            7:10 – Partner Shooting

            7:15 – 2-game work (Bigs w/ Davis, Guards w/ Smiley)

o    Bigs = 1v0 Downscreen & Slip, 2v0 cross-screen (jumper & duck-in), Back-screen / ball screen when ball goes to corner, 2v2 Live

o    Guards = 1v0 shot off of dowscreen, then double stagger, swing to corner (cut, and receive ball screen), then 2v2 live strong side


             Team Fundamentals:            

            7:22 – 2v2 Guarding:

o    Back-screens, Flare Screen, Cross Screen (new)

            7:32 – 5v5 Shell (Quick) –

            7:39 – 5v0 w/ Blow-back

o    Drive & Space (Baseline Drift & Crack-back)

o    Cut & Space (Off of post)

            7:45 – FT’s (2 in a row, 10 total) – report to Boyd, then water


              Team Defense / Offense:                                                                                                    Groups

            7:51 – BLOB #4 & #5 Added (5v0), then review BLOB 1, 2, 3

            7:58 – 5v5 Live from BLOB (to 2-game) à Use Shot Clock!!!              FILM!!!!!!!!!!! SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            8:10 – 2-game  work

o    5v0 10 passes through OBC & T&T (both groups) – different spots

o    Add Fist – *** once fist begins, stay in it until shot (can change w/ late seconds)

  • Big hits diver or fans opposite, sprints into ball-screen, (follow w/ down-screen)
  • Attack w/ intent to score, look for duck-in by oppo big, look for crack back, etc

o    2-game to Fist – 10 passes

8:22 – 5v5 Live 2-game & Fist (6:00 on score-board)                        FILM!!!!!!!!!!         SCORE!!!!!!

o    From FT-X

o    From Sideline OB

o    From BLOB & Full-court baseline


              Situation Competition:                                                                                                          Groups

            8:34 – Shooting Work (40 makes)

o    Bigs w/ Smiley (Go-to & Counter)

o    1’s w/ Mines (Shots off of single down, and double staggers) & 2’s w/ Davis (same)

o    4’s w/ Boyd (Trailer right, Trailer left, 1-play step out, DC Slip



            WHITE = JK, MG, RG, RH, KS, LP,



Players: KM, JK, OM, RG, MG, MR, RN, RH, KS, JL, JC, LP, SB

Post Practice Announcements

–       Meet now, then lift

–       Practice tomorrow at 4:00 – 5:10 (All live) – Dual purpose D & O (4-out & 3-out)

–       *** Make sure to add from FT, SLOB, BLOB, Full-court (2-fists & 40)

–       Jermaine – Germany update with parents? Need done ASAP!

–       Germans – see Sue Tarter about CLEP tests (Testing Center)

–       What handouts for next practice? MJ Film? Clinic to end all clinics? Defensive Principles?

–       Illinois Film (2-game) – Butler / Duke DVD (later)

–       Grade Sheets due next Monday – all classes signed off!!!!

Defense: 1. BP, 2. Deny 1 Pass, 3. Helpside / Rotate, 4. Keep it out 5. Shot Pressure

Offense: 1. Spacing, 2. Cut / Screen after pass, 3. Sureness, 4. Inside / Don’t settle, 5. Shot Selection

Intangibles: 1. OBC, 2. Defensive Transition, 3. BOPCRO, 4. Break Package, 5. FT’s

Generals Basketball – Practice Plan


Date: __December 8, 2010_____                        Day: __#41____                       Time: __2:00 – 3:20pm____  


–       Physical Dominance –

Pre-Practice Announcements

Pressure & Deny, Rebound, Execute

               Warm-up: –

            2:00 – Partner Shooting à 5 cuts

            2:06 – 6pt vs. “32”

o    Normal spacing, then condense

2:12 – 8pt vs. “2” Defense

2:16 – 3v0 à 3v3 Rebounding Sequence


             Skill Development:    

            2:23 – Bigs w/ Davis & Mines, Guards w/ Smiley     


             Team Fundamentals:

            2:30 – 3v3 Feed the Post

            2:36 – 3v3 Guarding Casper Actions

o    Hand-off, Ball-screen, Back-cut (Dummy, then live)


              Team Defense / Offense:   

             2:43 – 5v0 Blow-back vs Man, “2”, “32”

o    Denver Special, Loop (Top-Down), Post (timing), 4-side (Pop), 3-out, Fist

2:54 – FT’s & Water (5 in a row, 10 total)

3:00 – “2” zone work vs. Zone Attack (Motion it) à Make it, take it

3:06 – “32” work vs. “21”

3:13 – Man sets & motion (1/2 Court) à Play to 10 (Make it, take it)

o    Motion = 4-out, 3-out, Fist

o    3-out = Dribble Over, Post, Loop

o    4-out = 1, Denver, DC, D-Special, Loop, 5-side (Spurs), 4-side, Otay, Wotay, Crunch, TO

***Lift after, then meet!


              Situation Competition:                                                                                                          Groups


            WHITE = JK, MG, MR, RN, JC, SB



Players: KM, JK, OM, RG, MG, MR, RN, RH, KS, JL, JC, LP, SB

Post Practice Announcements

–       Paperwork for housing due by Dec 10th!!!! (Friday)!!!!!

–       Flights for Christmas – who still needs to book? LP (ip) – Jojo – do you have ride???

–       Matt – College transcripts – for SC – order (+ follow up on NCAA)

–       Kendrick – talk to coach

–       Promote games to students for this weekend!

–       Omar and Rage – with Coach Smiley on Friday @ 10:45 AM

–       Flex guys this week – tonight & Thursday! What time?

–       Hand out class schedules for each guy

–       Meeting notes: Trash (Athletic Tape), Casper Scout, Clips (first 20)

–       In future = Team perception test, Doc Rivers handout, Team USA

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smileyThe 2014-15 season marked the first season for Steve Smiley as an assistant coach at Weber State. He joined the Wildcat program in August 2014.

Smiley came to Weber State after spending the six years as the head coach at Sheridan College, a national junior college powerhouse in Sheridan, Wyo. In the six years with the Generals, Smiley posted a 153-43 (.780) overall record and led Sheridan to four North Sub-Region 9 titles and two runner-up finishes. His teams also advanced to the Region 9 Final Four four times and appeared in two championship games. Smiley was twice named the North Region Coach of the Year.

During his time at Sheridan, Smiley had 21 players sign to play NCAA Division I basketball and a total of 38 players moved on to the four-year level. He coached two players who earned NJCAA All-American honors and nine players who earned All-Region honors. Several players wen on to play professional basketball across the world.

In addition to head coach, Smiley also worked as the Athletics Director at Sheridan.

Prior to his time at Sheridan, Smiley spent two seasons as an assistant coach at his alma mater, Northern State University in Aberdeen, S.D., where he worked under the winningest coach in NCAA history, Don Meyer. During his time at NSU, the Wolves posted a 50-12 record. Smiley was also the head assistant coach at Black Hills State University during the 2005-06 season.

A native of Denver, Smiley graduated from Northern State in 2004. He was a three-year starter with the Wolves and led the Northern Sun league in assists for three straight seasons. He ranks second in NSU history in career assists with 537. As a senior he was named the NSIC Defensive Player of the Year and the league tournament MVP. He helped lead the team to a 24-7 record and a trip to the NCAA Division II Tournament.

He played high school basketball at Pomona High School in Arvada, Colo, where he was a four-year starter and earned All-State honors twice. He also led the state of Colorado in assists during his junior season.

Smiley and his wife Nikki have two children, Madden and Avery.

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