Gene Iba BLOB/SLOB Playbook

Gene Iba BLOB/SLOB Playbook by Wes Kosel

Here are 5 inbounds plays from Coach Gene Iba. Gene Iba won 487 games in 30 years as a head coach, and is the nephew of the legendary Coach Henry “Hank” Iba. I am lucky to have worked under Coach Tommy Jones at Texas Lutheran, who coached with Gene Iba in the 1970’s and 80’s. Jones and Iba first worked together under Don Haskins at UTEP in the mid 1970’s. In 1977, Iba took the head coaching position at Houston Baptist where Coach Jones joined him as an assistant. Coach Iba compiled a 128-96 record at Houston Baptist before becoming the head coach at Baylor. After coaching in Waco for 7 years, Iba coached at Pittsburg State for 15 more years before retiring in 2010.

I enjoyed listening to Coach Jones speak of his time with Coach Iba, and many of the offensive and defensive schemes we used at TLU are the same that Iba and Jones used at Houston Baptist. At HBU, the two led the Huskies to an appearance in the 1984 NCAA Tournament which is the first and only appearance in school history. In a 3 year stretch from 1982 – 1985, HBU boasted an impressive 65-24 record and were crowned Trans America Athletic Conference Champions during the 1983-1984 season. Iba is 2nd on the all-time coaching wins list at HBU while Jones is 4th.

Attached in the playbook are 4 baseline out-of-bounds plays and 1 sideline out-of-bounds play. “Box 1” is a basic screen-the-screener while “Box 2”, “Box 3”, and “Straight Line” result in a similar flex looks with options to score close to the basket. The SLOB play, “Double”, has several options to score and can be used when you need a 3 point shot.

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