Backside Help and Recover Drill

Backside Help and Recover Drill by Wes Kosel

Here is a defensive basketball drill used to teach your players how to help and recover on the backside of the defense. This Backside Help & Recover Drill was used by Coach Ray Meyer, former Head Coach at DePaul. Meyer coached at DePaul from 1942-1984 and compiled a 724-354 record. During that time, he led the Blue Demons to 2 Final Four appearances. Coach Meyer used a man to man defense that relied on not allowing the offense to penetrate to the middle of the floor. This is very similar to how we like to defend at Texas Lutheran. We emphasize daily the importance of pressuring the ball and not allowing penetration. To help stop ball penetration, the backside defenders must understand the rules of helping and recovering if the man guarding the ball gets beat.

In this drill , there are 4 offensive players, 1 coach, and 2 defensive players. The coach starts with the ball and player 1 and 2 are on the backside. X1 and X2 are guarding players 1 and 2, and begin in the middle of the floor. This position allows the defenders to guard against penetration (if coach were to dribble). The drill begins with player 2 flashing to the middle. X2 must step up and check the flash, forcing 2 to go behind X2 to the ball side low post. Coach then passes to player 4, and 3 steps in to the backside post. If player 4 drives baseline, X2 must cut him off outside the lane, and X1 must slide back to guard the basket and to guard against the baseline pass. Once the penetration has been stopped, X2 must help back on his man (player 2). 4 passes back to coach, and X2 must run back to the basket to protect from the lob to player 3, and X1 moves up to protect against penetration from coach and readies himself to guard his man (player 1) if gets the ball.

Encourage your defenders to communicate and play with high intensity. If X1 and X2 are active and talking, they will do a better job helping and recovering on the backside of the defense.


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