Andy Toole Robert Morris Colonials Offense

Andy Toole Robert Morris Colonials Offense by Wes Kosel
Here are two plays from Robert Morris head coach Andy Toole that he used in the win over North Florida. The Colonials were down by 6 at halftime, but rallied to score 52 points in the second half to beat North Florida. Toole just completed his 5th season as head coach at Robert Morris. He has already won 100 games and hasn’t had a losing season. Before taking over as head coach, Toole served as an assistant at Lafayette (2006-2007) and RMU (2007-2010). He started his playing career at Elon before transferring to Penn. The previous two seasons, RMU has won the Northeastern Conference Regular Season Title and appeared in the NIT. Last season, the Colonials didn’t win the regular season, but won the conference tournament to get an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. The Colonials had won 6 straight going into the NCAA Tournament including the 3 straight wins in the Northeast Conference Tournament.
Andy Toole Robert Morris Colonials Offense – Colonial Down
4 sets a down screen for 3 who cuts to the left wing. 2 screens down for 5. 1 passes to 3 then loops around 4 as 3 dribbles towards the middle of the floor. 5 screens for 2 and 3 passes to him on the wing.After passing to 2, 3 cuts to the corner off of a screen from 5. 2 dribbles middle and looks to turn and pass to 3 in the corner for a shot.
Andy Toole Robert Morris Colonials Offense – SLOB Box to Horns
1 makes a zipper cut off of 4 to get the ball from 3. 1 dribbles to the right as the team sets up in a horns set. 1 passes the ball to 4 at the high post then cuts down to the corner to screen for 3. 3 loops around 4 for a dribble hand-off and looks to turn the corner to score. If he can’t score, 3 looks to pass to 4 rolling to the basket or to 2 cutting off of a down screen from 5.

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