Favorite Sets from Warriors v Pelicans Opening Night

Favorite Sets from Warriors v Pelicans Opening Night by Max Sass

This article was originally featured on Coach Sass’s website: CoachSass.com

New Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry is a former top assistant for the Warriors. (FoxSports.com)

Despite taking about 5 days to get this post up, I am genuinely excited for the start of the NBA season. The ending of the Bulls vs Cavs game was great to get things started and seeing the reigning MVP Steph Curry going up against a future MVP Anthony Davis was awesome. After watching back the Warriors comfortable win over the Pelicans, I picked out a few of my favorite sets that each team ran.


Most of the sets come from the Warriors, who just have a lot more flexibility in their lineup with playmakers at different spots and depth at those spots. The Pelicans were also just limping to the starting line with about 9 players, including two that had signed just days before the game. Having a pair of point guards (Ish Smith and Nate Robinson) that almost definitely do not know your plays yet makes it near impossible to run complicated action.

So much of the NBA is going to similar sets and offenses, because there’s proven things that work. So it was no surprise to see the Pelicans and Warriors running a lot of similar sets. It also doesn’t hurt that Pelicans head coach Alvin Gentry was the top assistant for the Warriors last season. That’s why some of the sets are almost identical. For example, both teams run split cuts off post touches and both ran Double High Back. The Pelicans’ Horns Back Hi-Lo is essentially the same as the Warriors’ Huskies 14 and even the excellent Flex Corner Follow is an identical ending action to the Warriors’ Opposite Pin Follow.

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