Mike Maker Williams Ephs Set Plays

Mike Maker Williams Ephs Set Plays by Wes Kosel

Here are two set plays from Marist Head Coach Mike Maker. Maker spent six seasons as the head coach of NCAA Division III Williams College. While at Williams, Maker compiled a 147-32 record, 2 NESCAC regular season championships, and 1 NESCAC Tournament championship. The Ephs were NCAA Division III runner-up in both 2009-2010 and 2013-2014. Maker, however, is no stranger to Division 1 basketball. Before taking over at Williams, Maker served as an assistant at Creighton, West Virginia, Samford, Dartmouth, and California Baptist. He even spent a year as the women’s head coach at Hartnell in 1990 – 1991.

Mike Maker Williams Ephs Set Plays – Horns Corner Pin

1 passes to 5 at the high post then loops around looking to get the ball back on a hand-off. If 1 gets the ball he looks to drive to the basket and score. If the hand-off isn’t there, 1 continues to the corner to screen for 3. 3 cuts to the basket looking for the pass from 5. If 3 isn’t open, 5 passes to 1 then follow the pass to set a ball-screen on the wing. 1 drives middle as 4 screens down for 3. 1 looks to score, pass to 5 on the roll, or pass to 3 for a shot.

Mike Maker Williams Ephs Set Plays – 2-1-2 Guard Thru

5 sets a ball-screen for 1 as 2 cuts through the lane to the opposite corner. 1 looks to attack the space vacated by 2. If that isn’t open, 1 passes to 3 then moves to the ball-side corner. 5 screens away for 4. 4 curls to the basket and 5 flashes to the top of the key for a shot. If 5 gets the ball without a shot, he looks to make the hi/lo pass to 4 or can pass out to 2 on the wing. Once 2 has the ball 5 sets a ball-screen and rolls to the basket on the pick & roll.


Click here to download the PDF! Mike Maker Williams Ephs Set Plays

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