NBA Draft Combine 3 Man Weave Scoring Drill

NBA Draft Combine 3 Man Weave Scoring Drill by Wes Kosel

Here is a 3 man weave scoring drill from the NBA Draft Combine. This drill is great for practicing game-like shots at full speed. The drill uses 3 players at a time. Player 1 starts with the ball under the basket and players 2 and 3 start in the outside lanes. It starts with 1 passing to 2 up the floor and 1 running behind 2. Player 2 dribbles up the middle of the floor as 3 runs the left lane and 1 runs the right lane. 2 drives to the left elbow at full speed and kicks the ball out to 3. 3 shot fakes then drives to the middle of the lane. 3 passes out to 1 on the right wing. 1 then drives to the basket and shoots a lay-up or floater. The 2 coaches then step onto the floor and pass to 3 and 2 who take shots on the wing. 3 and 2 rebound their own shots and pass back to the coaches. 1 rebounds his lay-up and takes the ball back to the other side of the floor. Once 2 and 3 take their shots, the next group of players start on the opposite side of the floor. Once each player has gone, change the direction of the drill with a pass to the left to start.

Drill Emphasis:

  • Game like shots at full speed
  • Penetration Angles
    • Top of the key to the elbow
    • Wing to the lane
    • Wing to the basket
  • Penetrate & Pitch Passing
  • Shot Fake
  • Lay-ups
    • Straight
    • Reverse
    • Euro
  • Floaters
  • Shooting on the Wing
    • 1-2 Step
    • Jump
    • Shot Fake 1 Dribble

This drill can also be good for your post players who need practice running the floor and playing on the perimeter.


Click here to download the PDF! NBA Draft Combine 3 Man Weave Scoring Drill

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