Tyus Jones Ball-Screen Plays During Final Four

Tyus Jones Ball-Screen Plays During Final Four

Tyus Jones was outstanding driving left to right using ball-screens from his big men. Like a veteran player, Jones attacked Kaminsky off of the ball-screens and waited for the perfect moment to pull-up for a jump shot. Throughout the game, the Wisconsin guards kept getting caught on the ball-screens and by the time they got around Jones was already taking the shot. Jones hit several big shots down the stretch to ensure the win for the Blue Devils.

Jones creating space on the ball-screens:

space on 3-point shot space on 3

okaforscreen1 okaforscreen2

Duke Top PNR – With 1:36 left in the game vs. Wisconsin, Tyus Jones hit a huge 3-point shot to put the Blue Devils up 66-58. The play started with Jones dribbling to the left as Winslow looped around to set up for a ball-screen. Jones waved off Winslow sending him out to the wing. Okafor sprints up to set a ball-screen for Jones. Koenig goes over the top of the screen and Kaminksy is moving backwards as Okafor rolls leaving just enough room for Jones to pull up for a 3-point shot.


Duke High Overload PNR – In this play, Tyus Jones attacks from left to right off of a high ball-screen with an overload on the left side of the floor. The open space puts even more pressure on Kaminsky to stop the penetration and guard the roll. Jones came off of the ball-screen as if he was going to attack the rim, but instead pulled up at the elbow using Koenig’s momentum against him.



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