Jeff Culver UCCS Zone Offense

Jeff Culver UCCS Zone Offense by Wes Kosel

Attached are two zone offense plays from University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (UCCS) head coach Jeff Culver. UCCS is a member of the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC), which is consistently one of the best men’s basketball conferences in Division II. Jeff Culver just completed his 3rd season as head coach of the UCCS Mountain Lions. In his first season, the Mountain Lions compiled a 5-21 record. In his second year as head coach, he turned 5 wins into 21 and finished with a 21-9 record. Before taking over at UCCS, Culver was the head men’s basketball coach and athletic director at Johnson & Wales (Denver), an NAIA institution. In these two zone plays against a 2-3, Culver gets the defense moving to set up lob and dribble penetration plays.

Jeff Culver UCCS Zone Offense – Zone Lob

1 passes to 3 to make x4 jump out and guard the ball on the wing. 3 passes back to 1 making the defense shift. Once 1 has the ball, he dribbles towards the left wing causing the zone defense to shift even further. 4 slides in behind the zone to set a screen on x5 in the middle of the lane. 3 makes a cut to the basket and looks for the lob pass from 1.

Jeff Culver UCCS Zone Offense – Zone Squeeze

1, 3, and 2 move the ball around the outside of the zone to get the 2-3 defense moving. After several turns, 1 gets the ball at the top of the key and both 3 and 2 cross the floor to screen x1 and x2 at the top of the zone. 1 dribbles between the screens and looks to penetrate into the lane. Depending on what defender steps up will determine whether 1 shoots the ball or passes off to 4 or 5.


Click here to download the PDF! Jeff Culver UCCS Zone Offense

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