Sean Miller Arizona Wildcats Back-Screen Play

Sean Miller Arizona Wildcats Back-Screen Play by Wes Kosel

Here is a play used by Coach Sean Miller in Arizona’s win over Duke last week. Coach Miller is in his 7th year as Head Coach of the Arizona Wildcats. He has won over 70% of his games as the Head Coach at Xavier (2004 – 2009) and Arizona (2009 – present), and he has won almost 300 games in that time.

In this play, Arizona gets a wide open lay-up for point guard T.J. McConnell off of a back-screen from Brandon Ashley. To set the play up, Aaron Gordon and Nick Johnson line up on opposite wings, Kaleb Tarczewski moves to the low block, and Ashley sets up at the elbow. Johnson, Gordon, and Tarczewski walk their defenders into the lane almost lulling the Blue Devils to sleep. Then, Johnson cuts hard to the opposite wing off of a screen from Tarczewski and Gordon moves across the lane then cuts to the corner off of the same screen. McConnell passes to Johnson on the wing, and Johnson has the option to penetrate to the basket, pass to Gordon in the corner for a shot, or pass to Tarczewski in the post. If none of these options are open, Johnson will hold the ball and look for McConnell off of the back screen cut. On this cut, Ashley steps up and sets the back screen on McConnell’s man at the 3-point line. This creates the space for McConnell to cut and receive a pass from Johnson for an easy lay-up.


Click here to download the PDF! Sean Miller Arizona Wildcats Back-Screen Play

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