Dave Joerger Memphis Grizzlies Set Play

Dave Joerger Memphis Grizzlies Set Play by Wes Kosel
Here is a set play from Memphis Grizzlies head coach Dave Joerger. Joerger is no stranger to success. He has led 5 different teams to championships. 1 IBA championship (2001), 3 CBA championships (2002,2004, 2005), and 1 NBA D-League championship (2007). After winning a championship with the Dakota Wizards, Joerger joined the Grizzlies as an assistant. He then took over the head coaching job in 2013 and led Memphis to 50 wins in his first season.

Dave Joerger Memphis Grizzlies Set Play – Mike Conley Single Double
Conley starts with the ball and passes to Allen on the wing. Conley then cuts through the lane and stops in front of the basket. Allen passes to Gasol trailing the play, and Lee moves down to set up for a screen.Once Gasol has the ball, Conley uses either the single screen from Lee or the staggered screen from Randolph and Allen. If Conley uses the staggered screen, Gasol dribbles towards Conley to give him the ball on a dribble hand-off. Conley curls around the screen and hand-off looking to score. Once Conley has cleared the hand-off, Gasol rolls or pops, Allen and Lee move out to the perimeter, and Randolph steps across to the opposite block. If Conley uses the single screen, Gasol can use the dribble hand-off to get him the ball again or simply pass to Conley for a shot on the wing.


Click here to download the PDF! Dave Joerger Memphis Grizzlies Set Play

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