4 on 2 on 4 Drill by Tom Kelsey

4 on 2 on 4 Drill

This drill, provided by Tom Kelsey, is a full-court drill with a continuous 4 on 2 fast break. The drill can be used with your entire team and lasts 5 minutes.

Frame 1


A five minute drill with Team A (#) playing Team B (x). It is a continuous 4 on 2 fast break drill with 2 chasers. To start the drill, X1 has the ball. When he and X2 cross the half court line #1 and #7 chase them down and try to stop Team A from scoring. RULE – After the defense gets the ball on either a made basket, defensive rebound, or steal, X5 and X8 release to go to the opposite end to play defense. Team A’s 1, 2, 3, and 7 will now go to the far end and try to score against X5 and X8. RULE – X6 and X8 cannot sprint back on defense until all 4 team A players have crossed the half-court line. You have to watch the lines because defenders will try to leave early.

Frame 2


Team Rules and Scoring: After Team A goes on offense, they get back into their team line. After team X goes on offense, they all get back into their team line. This is team competition. You can score by making 2 or 3 point shots. If the defense fouls twice in a possession, it is an automatic two points for the offense.

Frame 3


Divide the teams evenly to get better competition. The players will love this drill. You can give extra points for offensive rebounds and deduct points for turnovers. Super conditioning and team building drill.

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More on Coach Tom Kelsey

unnamed (1)

Tom Kelsey is the Founder of The Coaches Ally

He is the former Director of Basketball Operations at LSU, and before that served as Head Coach at Belhaven University and Faulkner University, and was Assistant Coach at the University of Alabama, Murray State University and Lipscomb University.

Kelsey started his coaching career as a high school assistant coach at Brentwood Academy in Brentwood, Tennessee. He then took a job as head coach at Franklin Road Academy in Nashville.

He played at Lipscomb University for the legendary Coach Don Meyer. Was a member of the 1986 NAIA National Championship team.

He and his wife Edie have been married for 26 years and they have 5 children. He now runs the business The Coaches Ally full-time and lives in Nashville.

He speaks to different groups on Advancing in Your Profession, Building Team Chemistry and How to Enhance your Job Experience.

For more information on The Coaches Ally, visit his website at http://www.thecoachesally.com/ & follow The Coaches Ally on Facebook!


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