66er Zone Offense

66er Zone Offense by Wes Kosel

Here is a zone offense that can be used against an even or odd front zone. This offense came from Coach Matt Decker of the Phillips 66 Lil’ 66ers in Bartlesville, OK. I played for Coach Decker during my middle school years. To run this play against an odd front, the point guard should dribble to either the left or the right of the one-front defense. It is important for the point guard to get a good passing angle to pass to 3 in the free-throw area. This offense works by getting the ball to the middle of the defense and forming a triangle around the basket. The triangle is formed by the player in the middle and the two players at the block.

66er Zone Offense

In option 1, 3 looks to pass to 4 or 5 sealing the defenders at the block. 3 can also look to take the ball to the basket, as in option 2. In option 3, 3 passes to 2 in the corner. 5 steps to the short corner, and 3 sets a down screen for 4. 3 should set the screen on the defender just inside of 4. Once 2 has the ball in the corner, 2 can shoot, pass to 3 sealing the defender under the basket, or 4 at the elbow. In option 4, 3 passes to 1 on the wing. 3 then cuts to the corner, and 2 flashes to the free-throw area in the middle of the floor. 1 can pass to 3 in the corner for a shot or to 2. Once two has the ball in the middle of the floor, 1 moves to the opposite wing and the offense is set back up. 2 can run any of the options 1) pass to 4 or 5, 2) drive to the basket, 3) pass to 3 in the corner, or 4) pass to 1 on the wing.


Click here to download the PDF! 66er Zone Offense

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