Dean Smith UNC Tarheels Quick Offense

Dean Smith UNC Tarheels Quick Offense by Wes Kosel

Attached are two quick hitters from the legendary Dean Smith. Smith coached at North Carolina for 36 seasons and compiled an 879-254 record. He only had one losing season, which was his first in 1961-
1962. From 1966-1989, Smith’s Tarheels did not lose more than 9 games in any season. While at UNC, Smith led his teams to 11 Final Four appearances and 2 NCAA National Championships (1981-1982 &
1992-1993). Smith’s coaching tree includes Larry Brown, Eddie Fogler, George Karl, Buzz Peterson, Roy Williams, and many others. He played at Kansas from 1949-1953 under Phog Allen, and then served as
an assistant coach at Kansas, Air Force, and North Carolina before taking over the head job for the Tarheels. The two plays in this playbook were taken from the 1995 game between Duke & North
Carolina. In the game, UNC gets out to a huge lead only to give it up to Duke by halftime. The game goes to double overtime with the Tarheels winning close at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Dean Smith UNC Tarheels Quick Offense – Baseline Backdoor
1 passes to 2 as both 3 and 4 move into the lane crossing the floor. 2 dribbles towards the left wing as 3 cuts hard to the ball-side corner. On the backside, 4 cuts to the wing off of a staggered screen from 5
and 1. Once 3 gets to the corner, he looks to cut backdoor. 2 looks to make the pass to 3 or looks to pass to 4 for a shot.

Dean Smith UNC Tarheels Quick Offense – Carolina Lob
1 dribbles from left to right as 5 takes his defender out of the play by posting up hard on the ball-side block. 3 moves in from the wing to set a back-screen for 4. 4 loops around the screen looking for the lob
pass from 1.


Click here to download the PDF! Dean Smith UNC Tarheels Quick Offense

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