Swing Offense & Sets by Carlos Contreras

Swing Offense & Sets

Attached is a playbook from Coach Carlos Contreras featuring some swing offense sets. The first play is called “Spartan” and uses an up-screen from 5 (frame 3) to get 1 into the post. After that screen, 5 steps out to set a ball-screen for 3. On the roll, 1 sets a back-screen for 5 creating a very difficult action to guard.

In play 2, “Iowa Offense”, the ball-side triangle is shown through various actions in the swing offense (up-screen, flare-screen, and shuffle-screen).

In the last play, “Izzo”, a wheel action is created as 4 sets a flare-screen as 3 is setting a down-screen. This option gives 5 to cutters for shots. If neither option is open, 5 passes off to 1 and a staggered down-screen is used to get an open shot for 2.

Iowa Offense & Sets by Carlos Contreras

Click here to download the PDF! Swing Offense & Sets by Carlos Contreras

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Carlos ContrerasBorn & raised in Phoenix, AZ. Coach Carlos Contreras is entering his 7th season of coaching basketball. Started at the age of 19 in 2009 as a J.V. assistant boys coach at Moon Valley High School under coach John Boie, who coached current NBA player Richard Jefferson. Coach Contreras has held many positions in the boys program, J.V. head coach (3 years), assistant coach for freshman, J.V. & varsity. Along the way he helped guide the boys varsity team to two state playoff appearances (2011 & 2015). In May of 2015, coach Contreras was named the new head girls varsity coach at Moon Valley. The 2015-16 season will be his first season part of the girls basketball program.

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