4 Corner Shooting Drill

4 Corner Shooting Drill

4 Corner Shooting Drill by Wes Kosel

Here is a team shooting drill that is great for working on passing to cutters off of screens and also for improving footwork for shooters off of screens. We use this drill for pre-game warm-ups and in most practices. To start the drill, one player starts on each wing and the rest of the team divides into two lines at the top of the key. We call the wing spot the “5” spot and the two top spots the “1” spots. This helps us communicate to the players exactly where we want them to be for drills and for our offense. The drill uses 4 basketballs and requires 8 or more players. We usually run this drill for 5-7 minutes.

We emphasize to our players to read the defender when cutting off of screens. When cutting off of the screens, the players are given four options:

  • Straight Cut: The straight cut should be used when the defender gets caught up in the screen.
  • Back-Cut: The back cut should be used when the defender jumps toward the short corner over the top of the screen.
  • Flare: The flare should be used when the defender plays over the top of the screen trying to prevent the straight cut.
  • Curl: The curl should be used when the defender is tightly following the cutter around the screen

It is important that the players cut hard, communicate, and make good passes to the cutters. We require the players to say what cut they are executing as they run the drill, as this helps the passer and encourages communication between the players.

To start the drill, 3 works a lead to the short corner and 2 moves down to set a screen. 3 has any of the 4 cutting options to choose from but in Frame 1 uses a straight cut. 1 passes to 3 from the opposite side of the floor. 4 starts working his lead on the opposite side. 3 follows the shot and clears out to the opposite side. Once cleared, 3 passes to the next man in line. After passing to 3, 1 sets a screen for 4. In Frame 2, 4 uses a back-cut. After screening for 3, 2 moves back to the wing then back down to the short corner to set up for the screen. Frame 3 shows a flare cut and Frame 4 shows a curl to the basket.


4 Corner Shooting Drill

Click here to download the PDF! 4 Corner Shooting Drill

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